The Southwest Meat Association was founded in 1957 by a group of Texas meat packers who came together to form an organization that would unite packers/processors with the goal of promoting goodwill, friendship, education, legislation, and better labor relations within the meat industry. The association was formally incorporated as the Texas Independent Meat Packers Association, and has evolved through several names into the association it is today. SMA provides information and assistance to packer and processor members across the country, with a scope far exceeding that with which SMA was founded. While our industry operates in an unprecedented regulatory environment, it is increasingly important to establish links with companies of similar interests, and working together, influence positive public policy and promote business growth for the mutual benefit of all members.

Mission Statement

SMA is an organization created to make a difference for its members by initiating opportunities, resolving problems and thus helping allow our member companies to earn a reasonable return on their investment.  It is understood that member companies’ primary focus is to produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations in regards to product safety, nutrition and value.

Vision Statement

SMA’s vision encompasses an association of members who share common core values that contribute to a culture of excellence supported by actions to enhance the opportunities realized by its members and industry partners.  Through this vision SMA strives to maintain a posture of leadership with the nation’s meat and poultry industry and to promote a spirit of cooperation within the association as well as with other association nationwide.  The core values, culture and actions of SMA and its members comprise the foundation upon which its collective mission may be accomplished.

Core Values
Build Leaders
Member Support
Opportunity Seeking

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What our members are saying:

“The SMA Regulatory Team is a valuable resource for companies of all sizes.  This team takes the complexities of the USDA and makes them easy to understand for both large and small companies.” –Resha Hovde, Hormel Foods Corporation, Austin, MN

“Over the years of working together, a meaningful partnership has developed between our company and SMA.  We feel this partnership is critical in running a business today.” –Mark Mar, Quality Sausage Company, Dallas, TX

“Membership in SMA has been invaluable to the success of this company.” –David Ruff, Morrilton Packing Company, Morrilton, AR

“SMA’s annual conventions are fantastic!  The speakers are always quite informative and always current on the topics discussed.” –Bobby Yarborough, Manda Fine Meats, Baton Rouge, LA