Benefits of Membership

What are the benefits of being an SMA member?

The Southwest Meat Association was founded in 1957 by a group of Texas meat packers who came together to form an organization that would unite packers/processors with the goal of promoting goodwill, friendship, education, legislation, and better labor relations within the meat industry. The association was formally incorporated as the Texas Independent Meat Packers Association, and has evolved through several names into the association it is today. SMA provides information and assistance to packer and processor members across the country, with a scope far exceeding that with which SMA was founded. While our industry operates in an unprecedented regulatory environment, it is increasingly important to establish links with companies of similar interests, and working together, influence positive public policy and promote business growth for the mutual benefit of all members.

Nutritional Labeling

SMA is proud to offer nutritional labeling for single and multi ingredient products to members at a minimal cost. Download the Nutritional Labeling Forms and Confidentiality Agreement here.

HACCP Training

Accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. Whether it is a refresher course or teaching new employees, SMA has you covered. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate and added to the Alliance’s database of HACCP trained individuals.


SMA is a vocal advocate for the meat and poultry processing industry. SMA organizes frequent trips to Washington D.C., affording its members direct access to key lawmakers and regulators.

Educational Programs

SMA offers a variety of training activities that allow members to stay abreast of the latest in processing technologies, products development, HACCP/SSOP implementation issues, and regulatory updates. SMA works closely with universities and private entities to provide the best and most useful programs.

Regulatory Assistance

SMA is a clearinghouse for information about scores of state and federal rules, regulations, and laws affecting meat processors on a daily basis. Members receive frequent updates and advice for compliance with the regulatory mandates. SMA retains legal counsel in Washington D.C. for even the most difficult regulatory issues or crises.

Information Services

SMA is an industry leader in timely, effective dissemination of news and information that impact meat processors. Most information is distributed via email. Our office publishes a weekly newsletter, along with e-mail news briefs, and other updates to stay on top of the latest developments.


SMA provides outstanding leadership and prompt response for technical, regulatory and political issues, whether assisting members during crisis situations (e.g. recalls) or providing public comment and testimony on key rules and legislation.


SMA offers the opportunity to network with others in the industry to get ideas and information you know has been tested by experience. SMA also provides opportunities to network with university scientists and other experts from many fields.

Membership Directory

Published annually, SMA’s membership directory is another tool for networking, advertising, developing potential client lists, sourcing supplies, ingredients, services, materials, and equipment.

Annual Convention

For over 60 years, SMA has held its Annual Convention and Suppliers’ Showcase, providing members with outstanding technical programs featuring world-class speakers and offering an interactive forum to meet customers, peers, regulatory officials and other experts.

International HACCP Alliance:

SMA is a charter member of the International HACCP Alliance, serving on its Board of Directors. The Alliance is dedicated to promoting international public health and food safety by facilitating uniform development and implementation of HACCP programs from farm to table.

Energy Consultants

SMA recently partnered with an energy consultant firm, Transparent Energy. Transparent Energy has a unique process that could help SMA members save at least 7-8 percent more than any standard broker process. Find more information here.

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