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Southwest Meat Association

Southwest Meat Association (SMA) is a leading meat and poultry trade organization representing packers and processors all over the United States. SMA is an organization created to make a difference for its members by initiating opportunities, resolving problems, and thus helping our member companies to earn a reasonable return on their investment.

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SMA Townhall Meeting in Austin, TX

SMA is hosting a Townhall Meeting in Austin, TX on October 18 from 3-6pm. Join SMA to hear more about SMA opportunities, FSIS updates, and more. More information will be announced shortly on SMA’s social media channels and the weekly newsletter, InfoMeat. RSVP here.

The townhall meeting will be located at the Texas Beef Council at 8708 Ranch Rd 620 N Austin, TX 78726.


Latest News:

Rescission of Dual Labeling Requirements for Certain Packages of Meat and Poultry

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is amending its labeling regulations to remove provisions that require packages of meat or poultry products that contain at least one pound or one pint, but less than four pounds or one gallon, to express the net weight or net contents in two different units of measurement on the product label. FSIS is taking this action in response to a petition submitted on behalf of a small meat processing establishment. After reviewing the regulatory provisions and the comments on the proposed rule to remove them, FSIS has determined that it is not necessary for labels of any meat or poultry products to bear dual statements of weight or content using more than one unit of measurement to convey the accurate weight or amount of the product to consumers. The new regulation goes into effect on October 17, 2022. Click here to learn more.